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Stilnovo Attributed
Italian Mid-Century White Yellow Geometric Sconce

€ 3500

Geometric sheet metal Stilnovo attributed to Angelo Lelli applique with oval yellow diffuser, 1958. The white sheet metal structure carries the wall-hanging apparatus, using which the applique is placed on the wall surface. In its centre we find a circular diffuser feature in yellow rigid plastic with elegant pearl-like transparent drops from where the light placed underneath escapes to give an artistic light feature. The circular yellow diffuser is fixed on a rotating joint that allows for the possibility to adjust its position as desired. Also pairs with a larger sister applique with which it can also be sold as a set. measurements of larger sister applique: 65 x 15 x 35 cm Wiring is in ready-to-use condition. Structural integrity is perfect. Overall condition is fantastic.

H 35 W 54 D 15 cm