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Stilnovo Attributed
Italian Mid-Century big White Yellow Geometric Sconce

€ 3800

Geometric sheet metal Stilnovo applique with three oval yellow diffuser, attributed to Angelo Lelli, 1950s. The white sheet metal structure carries the wall-hanging apparatus, using which the applique is placed on the wall surface. In its centre we find three circular diffuser features in yellow rigid plastic with elegant pearl-like transparent drops from where the light placed underneath escapes to give an artistic light feature. The circular yellow diffusers are fixed on rotating joints that allow for the possibility to adjust their position as desired. Also pairs with a smaller sister applique with which it can also be sold as a set. measurements of smaller sister applique : 54 x 15 x 35 cm Wiring is in ready-to-use condition. Structural integrity is perfect. Overall condition is fantastic.

H 35 W 65 D 15 cm