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Gunni Omann
Scandinavian Mid-Century Modern Teak Sideboard

€ 7500

Designed for Omann Jun Møbelfabrik in the mid-20th century, this piece is an extremely well preserved example of Mid-Century Danish Furniture. The front is composed by four sliding doors, each adorned with a beautiful streamlined and light wooden handles. On the inside, the storage space is divided with a shelving system and a unique array of slim wooden drawers typical of the highest Omann's Designs. Four beautiful slim legs hold the monolithic body balancing the volumes, creating a timeless and modern look. The natural patterns created by the Teak wood grains are flawlessly repeated throughout the whole body of the piece, making this item an exemplary Omann's piece. Literature: Mobilia Volume 6, August 1961. Edited by Paul Henningsen & Gunnar Bratvold, Published by Snekkersten: Mobilia, 1961, unpaginated.

H 80 W 200 D 50 cm